Soft Mask

Updated on February 28, 2021

MPUIKit partially supports Soft Mask Asset by Oleg Knyazev from the AssetStore

Setting Up #

  1. Make sure you have both MPUIKit and SoftMask imported into the project.
  2. Open the MPUIKit Utility panel from the menu Window>MPUIKit/Utility Panel.
  3. Check the box next to Soft Mask
  4. Browse the location of SoftMask.cginc file from the Soft Mask Asset directory
  5. Click Apply

Requirements #

  • Any MPImage Component can be a child of the soft mask component. However, MPImage can not be the source of the soft mask component.
  • MPImage has to have a shared material provided. MPImage Basic does not require this.
  • MaskChannel of the SoftMask component has to be set to Alpha

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