Updated on February 24, 2021

Shapes can be transformed locally, in other words, shapes can be rotated and flipped despite the rotation of the recttransform. This setting applies on top of the recttransform’s rotation. In many cases it’s not possible to rotate the recttransform due to layout constraints or any other reasons. Local transformation can help in those situations.

There are two rotation modes. Free and Constrained. They are fundamentally different and intended to be used in different situations. Also shapes can be flipped horizontally and locally.

Free Rotation  #

Free rotation allows you to rotate the shape freely in any angle. For images that’s width and height are the same, this mode is perfect. However shapes can clip for arbitrary rotations. If used in images that’s width and height are not the same, rotation other than 0 and 180 will result in clipping. 

Constrained Rotation  #

Constrained mode eliminates the clipping problem of Free Rotation mode but it has a limitation. You can only rotate the shapes in 0, 90, 180 and 360 degrees. In this case, the width and height of the image may or may not be the same. 

Flip #

Images can be flipped horizontally and vertically. Flips affect on top of Rotation.

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