Updated on February 18, 2021

Shapes are the main building blocks of the MPImage component. MPImage supports 6 different shape modes out of the box. Each shape has its own set of parameters that you can use to customize how the shape will be rendered. Parameters such as radius of each individual corner, size and radius of the tip in case of complex shapes like pentagon and hexagon.

Circle #

Just a basic circle! Change the radius and that’s all you can do with it. If you want to resize your circle along with the rectTransform, you can enable ‘Fit’ and the circle will automatically fit the rectTransform.

mpuikit circle

Triangle #

Triangles are always the size of your rectTransform. The corner radiuses are individually customizable. Handy toggle ‘Uniform’ allows you to change all the corner radius values together at once. 

Rectangle #

You can customize the rectangle’s all four corners individually and make interesting shapes with it. Circles and Oval shapes can be created with rectangles by customizing the size of the recttransform and radius of the corners. Handy toggle ‘Uniform’ allows you to change all the corner radius values together at once. 

Pentagon #

A pentagon is a hybrid shape combining a triangle with a rectangle. You can change the rectangles corner radiuses as usual, in addition to that, the size of the triangle and radius of it’s tip can be changed as well.

Hexagon #

A hexagon is also a hybrid shape combining two triangles and a rectangles. Radius of the rectangle, size of the triangle and tip radiuses can be customized. The handy ‘Uniform’ toggle is also here to help.

N-Star Polygon #

It’s a complex shape that allows you to create polygons with 3-10 sides. 3 sides makes an equilateral triangle, 4 sides makes an equal sided diamond shape, pentagon, hexagon up until a decagon. Changing the ‘Inset’ parameter will change the shape into a star of that particular shape. You can modify the corner radius but all the corner radiuses will be equal, so is the size of every side of the shape.

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